Saturday, September 22, 2007

Welcome to My First Blog As a Love Coach

Welcome to my first blog as a Love Coach. I've been advising singles for over 10 years re: how to improve their relationships and social lives.

My career in this arena began when I wrote the books HOW TO MEET A MENSCH IN NY and HOW TO MARRY A MENSCH (decent person). I was on the lecture and publicity circuit, and at the suggestion of a friend who attended one of my talks, I decided to offer private consultations as a coach. It became clear that I could offer all kinds of tips and advice in a group setting, but no two people have the same challenges. And, not everyone, understandably, is looking to air their personal love life quandries in a public setting. Hence, my website,, and my work in that role. I find it immensely gratifying and have worked with men and women of all ages and backgrounds, both on the phone and in person.

I welcome your comments on this Blog, and would like to address issues you want to hear about, so please don't hesitate to make suggestions.

And, if you've read my books, I'd love your feedback.

I wish you all the best in your quest for a mensch! :) They are worth the wait, in my book.