Thursday, November 22, 2007

Making Time for Romance

I was asked this week to offer comment for an upcoming story to run in a magazine on igniting romance. They are planning ahead for Valentine's Day, and contacted me for ideas.

It got me thinking. So many people I know spend the bulk of their time rushing. We are in constant TO DO list mode. And, even when it comes to dating, people are often quick to make decisions about compatibility or physical attraction based on their knee jerk reaction. And, when we do find someone who holds promise, or enter into a relationship, it is easy to coast along once you get used to each other. But, things can get dull, and every day life sets in.

So....what to do to keep romance alive, or to create a truly special date experience that you'll both remember?

One suggestion I have...and something I did for my husband back in our early courtship a Boudoir Evening. It is totally fun, and can be as elaborate, or more simply done, as you'd like.

Start by sending the person a playful, yet sexy invitation. Spray it with your favorite perfume, kiss it with your lipstick imprint, and invite them to join you for a special evening, but don't reveal the details. Host it at your place, if you don't live together. Get home earlier than usual. Order in from your favorite restaurant or cook a meal you know he'll love. Set the table with candles and wine. Play romantic, dance music. Greet him in a robe or beautiful negligee.....whatever frock that makes you feel good about yourself. Scatter rose petals on the bed, and have on hand some scented massage lotion.

Let the rest speak for itself. He will be so blown away at your efforts, that you'll both be asking for future Boudoir evenings, and next time, let him stage one for you. You'll never for get it, and it will be worth all the effort. Romance will be ignited for sure.